sfirion archiv

A structured storage saves searching time and prevents losing documents, grants your an information advantage and forms the basis for securing your claims.

With sfirion archiv, you can document your project efficiently and with less amount of paper. Documents are smoothly created, stored in a structured way and quickly found. All data is collected only once, but can be used from many processes. You can keep a track of time schedule progress, protocols and any other important documents of your project.

sfirion archiv also allows you to:

  • combine various files, for example, text, graphics, layouts in a document.
  • search the targeted document by intelligent connections.
  • monitor changes, so that the actuality of the data is always secured.
  • structure your address database and rapidly deliver information to multiple recipients by distribution lists.

sfirion archiv can be accessed from any location. Thus, it can be ensured that all stakeholders are on the same page especially in large projects. Access permissions clearly regulate who can view and edit documents, which guarantees the required data security.