sfirion journal

Nevertheless, the success of your construction project is dependent on the continuous structured documentation of construction progress.

Maintaining an electronic daily reports provides an essential advantages for all project participants, especially for project management. All project actual data can be continuously recorded in sfirion journal (electronic daily reports) and therefore, reliable daily progress reports can be created.

The process oriented collection of data, on the basis of the time schedule, allows project progress assessment and targeted control of billing at any date. In addition, the documented use of resources and performance progress laid the foundation for a continuous schedule update.

sfirion journal also allows:

  • optimal resource planning by daily accurate recording of the performance status.
  • accurate determination of additional costs in case of contract deviation.
  • daily tracking of actual data as a basis for continuous target-actual comparisons.
  • secure your claims due to disturbances by complete documentation.

For future projects, the knowledge gained by sfirion journal can be used. To evaluate and optimize hereby the offers and orders, or to make use of relevant data as a sample calculation for similar projects.