sfirion cockpit

To ensure the fulfillment of your project objectives in terms of cost and schedule, it requires complete control, analysis and evaluation of your resources, procedures and plans.

With sfirion cockpit you can evaluate the data from the sfirion archiv, budget and journal. This diverse analysis tool enable you to daily and precisely manage and control your project time and cost. It also helps you to identify deviations from the planned target process during execution and assists you to take effektive countermeasures at earlier stages.

Our software modul enables, among other functions, numerous evaluations of offers, orders and work calculations. The management information obtained is widely represented in figures, graphs or tables. To keep the entire construction process always at a glance. Intelligent interfaces bind cockpit into your Office applications and enable you to further processing of all available information.

sfirion cockpit also allows the:

  • forecasting of costs and time for determining the result at the end of the project.
  • evaluation of the daily reports from sfirion journal with respect to the use of resources, failures, etc.
  • provision of complete, accurate financial reports at any date.
  • security of your claims with valid, verifiable facts and figures.

The cost of completed projects is also done with cockpit in a blink. The process oriented method forms the basis for an effective claim management.