visualization of planning and construction phases

Why planning and construction processes should be 5D+ visualized?

The need of coordination between the planner and executer increases due to the constant increasing number of developed and interdependent systems in a building structure. Nevertheless, important decision makers, whether they are investors, managing directors or citizen in public projects, have more and more problems to understand the building drawings and the related reports and calculation that are made by architects and engineers.
Misunderstandings lead to unnecessary extensions of decision-making process and wrong decisions at worst case.

The visualization of complex and multidimensional networked processes facilitates the understanding of difficult-to-understand construction processes and provides a better detection of spatial and temporal dependencies. As a result, the project is clear and understandable for all who are involved.


As a result

  • optimized and efficient management of processes,
  • accelerated decision-making processes,
  • errors avoidance and higher quality achievement
  • and cost and time savings.


By linking the requirements of the planning

  • in the form of building components and equipment (3D-CAD model)
  • with processes of the time schedule (4D-process model)
  • with quality and cost data (5D-production model)
  • and the continuous comparison with the actual data (5D+)

we can control not only the planning phase, but also the award and construction planing, construction and commissioning in terms of quality, feasibility and interfaces.