industry & building construction

New Bio Medical Center (BMC), Martinsried
services during construction including costs, scheduling, quality and contracts consulting services
project documentation
preparation of expert opinion regarding additional costs claims arising from disruption of the construction process

EADS Cassidian Manching - construction of Building 321, a new maintenance hangar
project management
organization, information, coordination, documentation
qualities and quantities
costs and financing, deadlines, capacities and logistics
contracts and insurance

Implementation and partial new construction and renovation of the Gesellschaftshaus in the Palm Garden (Palmengarten), Frankfurt am Main
detailed scheduling
project documentation
coordination of contractors
coordination of third parties and authorities
contract management

Removal of hazardous materials (asbestos, man-made fibers) from and TGA rehabilitation of the "Isar" European Patent Office in Munich
cost and schedule control services
project documentation
follow-up management
sfirion software (journal, cockpit)


The Polus Center new construction at Brasov, a leisure and shopping center
project management
contract management, claims management and anti-claims management
quality management
information, interface and document management
sfirion software (archiv, journal, cockpit, budget)